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When you choose our computer support packages you will choose a professional and fast support for your business.

As our customers you can count on :

Fast response time

If you get any problem, you may rely on immediate help via phone, ICQ, Skype or by our specialized system for remote support.

If your problem could not be solved remotely and requires on site visit, we will make an a suitable appointment right away. Our team from professionals will be at your disposal the same day, by emergency situation an hour after your call.

So you can be calm that whatever happens your work wont be interrupted for a long time.

Easy to understand language

The language we speak is easy to understand and without incomprehensible technical terms. So you will easily understand what happens with your computers and how the problems can be solved.

Neutral recommendations

When you have a problem or you want to improve the productivity of your computers' system, you can count on our neutral recommendations. We will make a careful research and advise you what and from where to buy. We haven't bound ourselves with any trade marks, our choice depends only on their quality and profitability. We choose specialized suppliers, who provide highly professional service.

Complete solution

We can take over the entire process for setting up and the maintenance of the technologies of your company. We are your system administrator! You wont need to research from where to buy a new computer, phone or other equipment.; you won't have to wonder how to optimize your communications expenses; you wont be bothering about the loss of some important data any more thats our job!

Unlimited duration of visits

The duration of our planned visits is not limited to certain number of hours as by our competitors. This allows bigger flexibility by the servicing of your company. When you have bigger problem or you want to implement something new into your computer system, you dont have to pay extra hours, you will just take advantage of our unlimited planed visits.

Detailed monthly reports

In order to be completely informed about the state of your computer system and to know what you pay for by the end of the month you will have a detailed report for all completed tasks. In our report all recommendations for improving of the security and the good work of your computers will be included. So you will be calm, that you are informed in advanced about the things, which have to be done and that nothing will be done without your knowledge and your permission.

Support in English or German language

All consultations, monthly reports and recommendations could be provided in English or German without extra charge.

Fixed expenses for the computer support

You pay fixed monthly fee for the regular visits, independent of their duration, with no extra transport or other charges. Emergency visit will be required vary rare. The maintenance of all routers, printers, scanners or other peripheral devices are free of charge.


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