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Take advantage of our system for remote support to get an instant help when you have any problem, without having to wait for a onsite visit and with no additional charges.

Remotely you may have support for:

-Setup and configuration of different software applications

-Setup of new user accounts and changes of access rights to the shared folders and documents

-Check of the system and cleaning of viruses, spyware or adware

-Update of the operating system and other software applications

- Configurations on your computer and the devices attached to it

-Help for finding of lost files and restore of data from the backup

-Share of printers and other devices

-Help for better organization of the data

-Help by different tasks with Word, Excel, Power Point etc.

You may get the instant support very easy. You have to contact us and we will tell you which of the links below to use.

Operator 1       Operator 4
Operator 2       Operator 5
Operator 3       Operator 6

!Attention! When you want to initiate connection with us you always start it from this page. Never use any copied files or files received per email. We will never send you an email with attached files or other internet page from where to start it. If you receive such emails they could be viruses or other dangerous software.


After the successful connection we will take over the management of your computer and will do all the necessary settings or show you the functions of the program you are interested in.

You can watch what we are doing on your computer all the time and interrupt the connection whenever you want.

Even if it turns out, that there is a problem, which requires onsite visit, the possibility to get more detailed information about it in advance will give us the opportunity to send specialist with the appropriate preparation, who can solve the problem faster.


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