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As many other small business owners you might think, that you don't need to worry about the security of your computers. You might say to yourselves Why should someone attack my business, when there are many targets more interesting then me?

Although the small companies are not attacked directly so often as the bigger ones, you also should be worried about that matter:

- you could be affected by bigger attacks, witch are not oriented directly to your company, such as mass spread of worms

-the security in the bigger companies becomes more and more tight, so the networks of the smaller companies which are more easier goals become more and more attractive for the hackers.

-not all threads for the security come outside of your company

-your data is exposed to many risks and its possible important information to get lost

No matter how and why your business is attacked, the recovery usually takes significant time and efforts

Can you imagine what would happen if you cant use your computers for a whole week. What would happen if you lose all of the data saved on the computers in your company? Imagine that your biggest competitor gains access to your customers' database and your sales data. How much time will pass before you even notice that? What would that cost your company? Can you afford it?

You wont leave your office unlocked for the night, would you? Then why dont you treat the information security in the same way? The guarantee of the security of business is much easier that you might think

Our subscription packages for computer support will help you be calm, that your system serves you without troubles with years. These packages include backup of the data, hardware support, consultations for your work with the computers and much more.

The main purpose of our packages is the preventive maintenance, which means to prevent and to protect the system from problems. This is very different from the diagnostic maintenance, which is to remove already existing problems. Everyone who owns a car knows very well what is the preventive support. We usually dont wait to change the motor oil when the car stops. We do it regularly so that it doesn't leave us on the road.

The preventive computer support is useful because:

Saves you money

There is an old saying An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. The prevention of the computers' problems will save you money in long-term plan, because you won't need to spend extra money for service and you don't take the risk to stay without important data in an emergency situation.

Saves you time

Although the computer maintenance lasts a few hours monthly, it will save you time not only for removal of emergency problems, but also will save you all the troubles related with possible lost of data.

Protects your data

For most of you the data on the hard disk is more important then the hard disk itself. The regular support takes care for the protection of your data.

Makes your work easier

The preventive maintenance takes care for the continuous optimization of your work with the computer and gives you the chance to get the best of your system. .

Gives you expert protection from viruses and hackers

The preventive check for viruses, spyware or adware and the right protection measures for the security of your computers can guarantee their safety.


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