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Procomp Express is specialized in the computer support of small and medium sized companies. We can help you with resolutions of different software and hardware related problems, installation and setup of software products, consultations for your everyday work with your applications. We can help you also with the development, support and optimization of your company internet site and emails.

Computer support packages

For the small office

-Backup of the emails and documents

-Protection from viruses

-Protection from spyware

-Protection from SPAM

-Protection from Internet attacks

The optimal solution

-Includes Mini package

-Unlimited free of charge remote support

-Free of charge consultations over telephone, ICQ, Skype

-Remote connection with the office

-Free of charge mail server support

Corporate security

-Includes Optima package

-Weekly onsite visits

-Free of charge FreeBSD Firewall installation and support

-Free of charge File Server support

-Free of charge hosting of company site and emails

Why professional computer support?

-Saves money
-Saves time
-Protects you from loss of data
-Makes your work easier
-Gives you expert protection from viruses and hackers


Why us?

-Fast response time
-Detailed reports in comprehensible language
-Unlimited duration of visits
-Free of charge remote support
-Support in english, german and bulgarian languages


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